14 July 2014

A poster presenting the Digital TopBib was displayed at the Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School 2014
Poster presented at DHOX Summer School 2014

21 May 2014

View the internal launch and learn about the 'One Connected Vision of Ancient Egypt' presented by Prof. R.B. Parkinson

16 May 2014

Version 0.9 released and under review.

Welcome to the Digital
Topographical Bibliography

This is the home for the Digital Topographical Bibliography and presents the new framework for the project, as conceived by its former editor Vincent Razanajao (2012-2015). Alongside searchable PDFs of the current print version, vols. 1-7, examples of new data focusing on two case-studies (Tuna el-Gebel and Tell el-Farʿun) have been made available. The third case-study is a revised edition for part of Volume 8 - Objects of Provenance Not Known available here as a XHTML text (as opposed to PDF), and covers the complete section for Royal Statues.